October 6th, 2003


Wow...seven months since my last journal entry! I really don't find my life that interesting so I suppose that's why I really don't post and I find it more enjoyable to read about other people's lives.
I am sure that some of you know that I've wanted to become a Flight Attendant for awhile. Well I started off this semester going to junior college and applying for different airline jobs hoping to get something by the time I would graduate in December. It just so happened that a few weeks ago I picked up the newspaper and there in the classifieds was an airline seeking flight attendants and they had an interview sesion the next day! Yah for me!!!! Anyway I went to the session and out of about 70 people I was chosen in a small group of about 15 to stay after. They called me a week or so later and told me I had been accepted... woohooo! Yup so I dropped all my classes (which is the weirdest feeling) and I put in my two weeks notice to my current job.
Training starts October 20th which is so exciting! One week here and then they fly me to New York for another two weeks. They sent me this binder with all this flight information I have to memorize. In it they have all these guidelines and whatnot... oh my gosh they're stricter than the private school I went to! I figure it's well worth it though because the airline is international and I get to fly to all these cool places like Jamaica,London, Italy, Bahama's, Caribbean.
Oh... I also got around to getting myself a cell phone so now I can join the rest of the world and drive crazily on the road while talking.