March 3rd, 2003


I really don't feel horrible for not updating. My excuse is I've been busy and maybe a little lazy, but for those who find my life soooo interesting I suppose I should be nice and fill you in.
One of my friends that I've known for about a year is a Marine and a couple months ago got deployed. He's currently going over to the middle east by ship and I guess is going to try to disarm all the evil people. He's called me a couple times from the ship and we've been writing letters back and forth. I was shocked to find that I had gotten two letters from him on my birthday... I call that great timing and maybe some sort of scandal with the post office!
Recently my close friend Tim came out to visit Loreanne and I! He's coming back even though I didn't take him to the beach. I simply bribed him with dinner, dancing, and my great looks and now he's hooked! We had a lot of fun though and I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself. Loreanne and him came with my family and I to San Francisco to celebrate my sister getting a 4.0 on her report card.
We went over on bart and went to the Rain Forest Cafe where we got to hear wonderful jungle sounds, see and hear wonderful thunder and lightening, and sit under a small night sky with shooting stars.
We shopped around Ghiradelli Square and tried on crazy hats and watched the crazy people! After that we walked back to pick up the muni and we watched those silver men on the streets who try to look robotic, and even got to see a chase. Some guy was running from a cop, but it was like watching it in slow motion. I could have easily run up to the cop and jogged with him.
After that exciting little adventure we came upon the famous "bush man". For those who aren't familiar with the "bush man" I shall enlighten you. The "bush man" is a homeless guy in san francisco who goes around the area sitting with branches and scaring people. There was a big crowd watching this guy across the street. People who are on their cell phones or walking with friends are usually oblivious to a lot of things. This guy is smart... I wish I had thought of the idea of sitting with a bush and scaring people for money.
After being entertained we ended up walking all the way back to Embarcadero where we took bart back home. We changed and I took Tim and Loreanne out for dinner for Tim's (way belated) birthday. We ended up going to the Tonga Room in San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel! It's a fun atmosphere if you like cheesy music, dancing and chinese food. I had a lot of fun though. We danced and even got to see a guy who wore sponge bob square pants pj's to dinner. We first saw him in the elevator when we were going down and then he ended up sitting right across from our table. He was quite interesting. I've never seen a grown man wear pajama's to a nice restaurant, but he really didn't seem to mind so whatever!
Oh wow... I forgot the most important part to Tim's visit. It was weird because Tim flew in on Friday and I was going to pick him up later because I had a field trip. The time he flew in and my field trip conflicted so I couldn't pick him up. My field trip ended early so my friend and I were walking back to my car and I look over and there's Tim... talk about weird! His hotel was in the opposite direction we were walking and we found out later that his hotel was a lot farther down the street so luckily we bumped into each other!
Later that night Loreanne, Tim and I decided to go to Berkley. Loreanne and I had talked about getting ourselves pierced again but our schedules always seemed to be conflicting. We go to Berkley and I opted to mutilate myself first. I was so nervous because I really thought it was going to be more painful than it really was. I'll save you all the wonderful gruesome details and simply tell you that I got my industrial pierced. For those of you who don't know piercing vocab your industrial piercing is getting the top of your cartilage pierced and a little bit below that pierced with a bar connecting the piercing.
Loreanne's piercing seemed to have hurt a lot more than mine did. After the guy pierced her he left the curved needle looking thing just sitting in her ear... very attractive! I'll let Loreanne post what she got pierced and maybe give a better description of what happened.
I suppose it will probably be another 3 months before I post again!