October 29th, 2002

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Ok I know it's been awhile since I've updated, but I have to admit I am pretty lazy. Reading about other people's lives is so much more interesting than talking about my own.
So a recent update for those I don't get a chance to talk to: I finally made a decision and I decided I am NOT going to go to Virgina for sure. Boy that was a load lifted off of my shoulders. Right now my choices are UC Santa Cruz or San Diego State. Kenny keeps insisting that the people down in San Diego are pricks and they're deprived or something because they don't use the word "hella". If anyone has some suggestions they would be most appreciated. :)
I was so happy that I got a chance to spend some time with my mom. We went to Berkley on Saturday and I took her to Telegraph Ave. since she's NEVER been there before. :) I felt that she was deprived and she needed to be enlightened by all the interesting people that are there ie: those that are homeless, high, or have a different sexual preference. I love it... just because there's such a diversity and they have a lot of cool little shops that have cute clothes and whatnot. Then after I exposed my mom to bongs, and drugs (hehe not really), but yeah we went out to dessert to Claim Jumpers. There's this one guy I keep seeing every time I go and I feel ridiculous. Over the summer I went there with Sarah, Loreanne, and Kenny and our waiter happened to be a hottie so I flirted with him or whatnot and at the end of our meal they all dared me to leave my phone number on the back of the little receipt. I of course left my phone number and he never called, but the last two times that I've been there I've seen him... it's just one of those weird awkard situations.
Heheh I am almost thinking that I have the worst luck with attracting guys and almost always telling them I am not interested. There's this guy in two of my classes and we got to talking and whatnot. We did a project together for one of classes and after that we'd hang out occasionally. After all that he decides he wants to ask me out on a date and I keep putting it off. I feel terrible, but I don't want to hurt his feelings and I am kinda at a loss for words. Sometimes it's not easy being a girl!!