October 6th, 2002

Hindu Temple

Welllll.... I went to a Hindu Temple for my World Religions Class. Let me tell you it was most exciting!! First of all you had to take off your shoes I think as a sign of respect and then you walk into this amazing temple.
When I first walked in I wasn't sure what to think. It was so entirely different than any other church or sacred place that I had been to. The middle of the temple was open and then around the sides of the temple were smaller shrines or temples that belong to the gods that the Hindus believe in. There was a main temple that belongs to Vishnu and then there are smaller temples that belong to his wives (notice that there are more than one; he must feel pretty special) and other family members.
It was amazing because I actually got to participate in one of the ceremonies. The priest dude had me kind pour smoke over me (its kinda hard to describe) then he poured liquid in my hands to drink from. The liquid kinda looked like a tea color and didn't have much of a taste, but I was told that it was from some sort of flower. After all this there was some chanting and different things like that and I was given a banana at the end. I felt pretty special because I don't think I've ever gone to a church service and come back with a fruit. :) I was sad however because my mom ate the banana and said it was good... oh well I guess I'll have to go back to get a lovely banana to take home with me again.
Ok now I am just going to randomly switch subjects... so last night I went out cause I was just having a crappy day and I needed to get my mind off of things. I went out with this guy that I recently met at school and he's in two of my classes. We went out to eat at this kinda new restaurant around where I live called Chipotle or something like that. If you like spicy mexican food I would highly suggest going there, but other than that it just gave me a gurgly stomach. :) After dinner we went out for a fun game of bowling which my scores were extremly sucky!!! You would think after taking bowling class for 2 semesters I might be semi-good but NO :) Then after an adventerous game of bowling we played some pool which of course I just suck at too, but I was amazed because out of the blue I actually two balls into the same pocket. Heheh lets just say I am quite proud of myself.
Oh yeah and Jamie it is always my pleasure to leave crazy interesting messages on your phone!!! :)
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