September 20th, 2002

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I know I am shocking you all once again by writing in my journal!! Hmmm nothing too exciting has been happening to me. I am trying to make decisions on where I want to go to school. I got accepted to a school in Virgina, but its soooo far away! I just really want to get away and just experience independence. Someone explained it to me perfectly one time. They told me that they've been living in a comfort zone surrounded by friends and family and for once they just wanted to see if they could make it out on their own. I guess thats what I really want.
Besides Virgina I have the option of Santa Cruz which would be a lot closer to home and I could have the lovely company of Kenny and Jamie. I also could consider going down to San Diego which is one of the most perfect places to spend your last college years; Partying!!!! Hehhe not really though.
I am thinking in November I might take a few trips and check out these colleges and see what they have to offer. I have no idea what kind of state Virgina is and what it has to offer, but I do know that theres a beach nearby so thats a definite plus. Then we have San Diego with beautiful people (guys with abs), perfect weather, the beach, and clubs. I am a terrible decision maker so hopefully I'll make a good one. The one real advantage of being in Virgina would be that I could finally milk a cow.... woohoo!!! :)
Oh and of course I could see all those wonderful Amish people. If I became a nun I would sorta fit in.
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