August 28th, 2002

(no subject)

Geeezzz I just wrote this whole long thing and then it got erased. That is so frustrating. Well I guess I am telling this whole thing again.
I am re-modeling my bathroom. I really think it looks cute especially since I am going with the whole Palm Tree motif. I am stenciling Palm Trees so you can really tell that is true artistic talent right there. So we've got palm trees on the walls, a palm tree shower curtain, the little rings that hold the shower curtain are palm trees, towels, soap dish, soap dispenser, are alll palm trees. I really think the only thing I am missing is the hawaiin music. You could feel like you're in a tropical island somewhere except you'd be without a hot cabana boy.
Today in my World Religions Class I felt like I was in Elementary School again. The teacher has us make a colage of things we feel strogly about having to do with our belief system or something along those lines. I wish I was more artistic. The extent of my artistic abilities are stick figures, and coloring in between the lines. I feel pretty special just being able to do that.