August 4th, 2002


Well I am finally writing in my journal for all you lovely people to read. Not that I think anyones really going to read this, but I am writing in it anyway!! Loreanne you can now talk to me and I am not sorry at all that I didn't write in it before.
Hmm so what to write? Well nothing really ever exciting happens to me, so those who do read this will I think be bored. :)
Yup well the only real interesting thing that I can think of that happened to me was a couple nights ago when I had this guy offer to eat ice cream with me in his boxers. Thats got to be the most interesting that I've ever been offered.
lol oh now that I remeber when I was going to bed last night I was talking to one of my friends online and I said "well my bad is calling my name so I must be off" and he of course said "well I believe my bed is also calling your name". I thought that was a pretty bad pick up line so guys I would highly suggest using it.
Yup so I hope that you are now happy those who really wanted me to write in this crazy thing.
I hope everyone enjoys their day :)